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In marking their ballots by Erika’s name, Albertans have someone who understands our province, our people, and the importance of the trust placed in Senate nominees. Erika is a lifelong committed conservative, someone who knows every region of our province deeply, and someone who will hit the ground running on day one, a strong fighter for our province who will use her voice to champion our province’s interests.

Wildrose, Former Interim Leader

I’m excited and honoured to nominate and endorse Erika Barootes as she runs for the senate. Our beautiful province of Alberta needs a strong and passionate voice in Ottawa and I believe Erika will do that. Her love for the province and the depth of knowledge she has on knowing what is important to Albertans will be critical as we move forward.

MP, Battle River Crowfoot

At a critical time for our province, our Senate nominee elections represent a chance to make sure the challenges Alberta is facing are heard in Ottawa. We have a chance to rally behind someone who appreciates grassroots Alberta values, respects the many beliefs and values that make up our province, and knows what it takes to be a strong voice for what’s right no matter the cost. I am pleased to share with Conservative Party members that Erika Barootes has my support. I know she is not in it for herself, but in it for Albertans.

MP, Edmonton Centre

Alberta is a young, dynamic, and ever- changing province, and the decisions made today, at this critical point in time, will change our trajectory, for better or for worse. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we have strong representation in the Senate, individuals who are able to deliberately and meaningfully reflect the importance of our role in confederation, and are willing to stand up and ensure that the voices of Albertans are heard. Today, I can state with full confidence, that Alberta would be better off with an individual like Erika Barootes, who through her qualifications, vast network and experience with community engagement, as well as policy background, would make a significant impact in the Senate. I am in full support of Erika’s campaign.

Quebec Conservative Senator, Deputy Whip of Opposition

I am very pleased to support Erika in her endeavour to become a member of the upper chamber. I have enjoyed sharing my experience as a senator with Erika and look forward to having her as a colleague. Erika has made Alberta her home but has roots throughout the country that lend to her well rounded perspective. I know she will continue to stand up for Albertans and represent the best interests of her region in Ottawa.

MP, Edmonton Riverbend

I’ve known and worked with Erika for years. She’s always understood that politicians serve the people they represent, not the other way around. In the Senate she will be a strong voice for Alberta and not just another party line vote. With Erika, Albertans will have a reliable advocate for our province, someone they’d hear from and know is standing up for them.

Former MP, Edmonton Centre

Erika Barootes has the experience, passion and commitment to make a positive difference in Canada’s future and add youthful insight into our challenges. She is an ideal candidate for the Senate of Canada.

President, Calgary Centre EDA

Erika Barootes has my full support in her run for Senate. She has never shied away from a tough conversation, a challenge, or standing up for what she believes. She will represent Alberta’s interests very well in Ottawa.

President, Lakeland EDA

I have worked with Erika at the provincial and federal grassroots level, when she was UCP party president and in her current role as an EDA President. She’s one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She takes the time to do things right and will always make time for the tough conversations.

President, Battle River Crowfoot EDA

I have the great honor of endorsing Erika Barootes for Nomination for candidate for Senate. Erika is one of the most intelligent and well read people I know. Her work ethic is superior and her consideration for the people is of the utmost importance to her. She is kind and fair and will work extremely hard for us. She will travel every corner of this province to answer questions and to introduce herself and her capabilities to you.

Former Alberta Senator

I am so pleased that Erika Barootes will run to represent Alberta in the Senate of Canada.

Albertans can feel very confident that our province will be well represented by Erika – whose strong work ethic and dedication are what is needed now – more than ever before. I believe that Erika is the right person for that challenge and I strongly support her endeavor.

Erika Barootes for Senate