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OpEd: Pro-family policies aren’t government priority – but they should be

The last couple dozen months of various COVID-19 waves and the associated cycle of pandemic restrictions and re-openings have made it clear families play a critical role in our social well-being. While last month’s federal election saw some debate around competing visions for childcare policy, it’s readily clear that better policy to support families won’t be the focus of post-pandemic federal government policy priorities — but it should be.

National Post: Alberta is about to elect who they want to represent them in the Senate. Will Trudeau listen?

Albertans are set to make their voices heard on who they want representing them in the Senate, but it is unclear if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is prepared to listen.

OpEd: There’s nothing ‘just’ about Justin’s ‘Just Transition’

A key reason I put my name forward to represent Alberta in the Senate is to speak up for the many Albertans whose lives and livelihoods are being fundamentally ignored by Ottawa.

Why I'm Running

As Albertans, we are facing the most difficult challenges we have faced in over a generation. From an economic downturn that began years ago, to the impact of a global oil price war, now a global pandemic and economic shutdown.

OpEd: Trudeau’s Made-in-America Obsession with Guns Does Nothing to Keep Us Safe

You know a federal election is in the air when a Liberal government starts to dream up a new suite of exotic and invasive gun laws.


OpEd: Don't put capital gains tax on people's homes

If the government really wants to reduce anxiety among middle-class Canadians, it should immediately rule out this ill-advised and potentially devastating tax grab.

OpEd: Why a PST is not the right solution for Alberta now or ever

It’s a seasonal tradition as predictable as the migratory pattern of geese. Every budget season, we can count on the usual suspects to advocate for a PST as a solution to Alberta’s financial challenges.

OpEd: Western Canada finds little to love in Liberal throne speech

The Trudeau Liberal government had the opportunity to reset its relationship with Alberta and Western Canada in Wednesday’s speech from the throne which outlined the federal government’s legislative priorities for the next session of Parliament. 

OpEd: Edmonton's city council needs to stick to basics of running a municipality

Municipal governments are designed to keep our roads clear, our parks maintained, our infrastructure updated, our transit accessible, and our city safe and liveable.

Erika Barootes for Senate